What we have achieved since the establishment of our company in 2003 located in Bad Segeberg is a remarkable story of driven success.

The label Kufatec stands for automotive innovation. Whether Audi/VW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW or related type of cars like Seat and Skoda. As an independent and reliable system supplier we are demonstrating our automotive expertise in the areas of original retrofitting as well as wiring harness and hard and software development.

Our products satisfy the demands of customers on a very high level.The global targeted sales department is in charge of ensuring the supply as well as the customer care.
As an automotive supplier, Kufatec GmbH vouchs for implementing the highest levels of quality. We have accomplished the highest quality inspections and are able to keep conditions of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The quality management system has been developed to an accepted international quality standard.

The Kufatec management-system (KMS) is part of our focus in order to prepare for ambitious and always changing automotive markets. It describes the structured cycles as well as the permanent development of our business processes. The system enables us to react with flexibility to external demands of our customers and suppliers.

Increasing competition, globalisation, customer orientation and short lifecycles of products are only some challenges we have been reacting to. To continually improve the business processes, we always question our process chains. Therefore, we believe in business process modeling and arrange our business processes to markets existing both now and in the future.