Complete kit APS+ plus (visual display) front for Audi A5 F5

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Complete kit APS+ plus (visual display) front for Audi A5 F5

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PR number:
  • Complete set for retrofitting an original APS + plus parking aid on the front for Audi A5 F5, if the vehicle already has factory-installed rear parking assistance
  • Support during the parking process by means of acoustic and visual display in the vehicle screen
  • Better distance estimation of obstacles by individual response of each individual sensor as well as visual representation of this distance change

Selectable options:

  • PR No .: 2K1
  • PR No .: 2K5, 4ZB
  • PR No .: 2K5, 4ZD
  • PR No .: 2K6, 2K7, 4ZB
  • PR No .: 2K6, 2K7, 4ZD
  • PR No .: 2K3, 4ZB
  • PR No .: 2K3, 4ZD


  • cable sets
  • Codierdongle
  • Sensors incl. Bracket
  • buzzer
  • Switch for center console


  • Check compatibility of onboard power supply control unit and replace with Highline variant if necessary
  • only suitable for vehicles with rear parking aid (PR no .: 7X1)

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  • complete kit for retrofitting an original park assistance APS+ plus at the front for Audi A5 F5, if the vehicle already has factory fitted rear parking assistance
  • vehicle visible in the screen of the vehicle
  • depending upon closeness of the obstacle the respective range changes optically with the well-known acoustic support

Selectable options:

  • PR No. 2K1
  • PR No. 2K5, 4ZB
  • PR No. 2K5, 4ZD
  • PR No. 2K6, 2K7, 4ZB
  • PR No. 2K6, 2K7, 4ZD
  • PR No. 2K3, 4ZB
  • PR No. 2K3, 4ZD

Scope of delivery:

  • all sets of cables
  • 1x coding dongle
  • 8x sensors
  • 2x buzzers
  • switch in center console


  • check compatibility of bord control unit (bcm1) and replace if necessary against highline variant
  • only suitable for vehicles with parking assistance rear (PR no. 7X1)