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KUFATEC Dongle Tool
Update & check

With the KUFATEC Dongle Tool you can easily and quickly check out whether the dongle has already been activated or is still unused. In addition, you can install updates by yourself.

Download the tool for free and start the application. The following is a brief explanation of the two ways to connect the dongle to the tool.

You need a connection to the internet for getting the information displayed.

   KUFATEC Dongle Tool

ktcDongleTool v Windows (8.7 MiB)
  • MD5: dd380be30c2126bf8469424f0ef1795b
  • SHA1: 8aa376ebc29dc26148bf5bc8b8856d4dbe28d792

Connect to USB: You can connect the dongle via USB to the PC and click on File / Open. The dongle is automatically accessed and read out.

Upload file: If you have only the firmware.ktc file (e.g. from the customer), you can simply open this file via the menu item File / Open. You do not have to connect the dongle to the PC.

Simply click on the "start online update" button and the dongle will be updated to the latest version, if an online update is available. The update can only be done on a connected dongle.

Disconnect the cable after the update when the green LED on the dongle lights up again.
Depending on the file size the update procedure can take up to 20-30 seconds.