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Workshop service for calibration, coding
and component protection

Retrofits often require coding, calibration and adjustment of the sensors. We are glad to help you, even when it comes to removing component protection.

These measures must be implemented especially in the field of assistance systems. For example these include the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) systems, lane change assistants, parking assistants, cameras and all other systems.

Our services

Calibration & adjustment of sensors:

  • ACC 1 sensor system
  • ACC 2 sensor system
  • Side Assist
  • Front camera
  • Rear view camera
  • 4 camera system (Area View)
  • Headlights (Xenon, LED, Matrix LED)

Other services:

  • Component protection removal
  • Coding / adjustment
  • Configuration of control units
  • Software updates of control units
Installation service

Use our installation service

You can also get installed our products directly from us.

Our competent staff provides professional retrofitting. We are also able to perform test installations of new products for particularly favorable conditions.
KUFATEC installation service