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Development of software

As external partner we support you in all tasks in the development. By reason of many years of experience and corresponding broad ranged spectrum of know-how in different fields of the automotive development we undertake complete or partial projects.

We are pleased to be available for you already in the conception stage.

Our services aren't only limited here to the development of embedded software as well as hardware, but we offer also software solutions in the desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows) as well as server field, also in conjunction with the respective embedded systems.

We provide here a multitude of completed systems as well as libraries tested over years, which can be used as basis for the rapid prototyping. A little extract of headwords:

  • CAN, MOST (own license-free INIC-NetServices)
  • ISO-TP, TP1.6, TP2.0, KWP2000, UDS, DDP, BAP
  • C, C++, PHP, Perl, SQL
  • 8, 32 Bit processors

Are you looking for competent solutions for your software project? Get in touch with KUFATEC to discuss your plans with us.
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