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Installation service for test & regular installations

As manufacturer of professional retrofitting of components for your vehicle, we check of course the functionality and installation possibilities of our products.

Test installations

Regulary installations

Workshop services

We have an own installation area available for this. We provide with our installation service the opportunity to have installed our products in your car at our company. A test installation gives us the opportunity to check a new product of its suitability in a particular car model and create a detailed manua for all customers. You benefit from very attractive prices.

With the experience in the field of the original retrofitting that we collected over the years we are gladly at your disposal for regular installations of our products as well.

Skilled personnel will integrate the components you have chosen. You can be sure that everything is installed correctly, and our team is directly available to answer your questions.

Some examples of our retrofitting sets

  • navigation systems
  • hands-free equipments
  • rear view cameras
  • park distance controls
  • cruise controls
  • Sound Boosters

Currently available test installations

Our workshop service for you:

Calibration and adjustmens of the sonsors at:

  • ACC 1 & ACC 2 sensor systems
  • lane changing assistants
  • front cameras
  • rear view cameras
  • 4 camera systems

Further services:

  • removal of component protections
  • codings / adjustments

more about our services

Installation utilization

Installation dates

Ask for a fixed date for an installation via email if you're interessted.

Benefit from fair offers and qualified personnel with the best knowledge about the KUFATEC products.

Request a fixed date