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Cable assembly
production of cable sets

Cable assemblies fiber optic, cable sets, antenna cable

The division "cable assembly" of our company possesses a production program that stands out owing to innovation and versatility.

With diverse cable sets, specific adapters and complete packages the KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG is regarded as qualified system provider for the original automobile retrofitting.

A quite particular main focus is put on the development and assembly of cable sets that are ready for connection and installation respectively. Whether cables for the transmission of data and signals for images and sound or the processing of optical fibre cables.

The cut and the marking of the wires respectively take place on latest manufacturing plants. This reduces mistakes in the production to a minimum, and furthermore, the traceability from the incoming goods inspection to the shipping is ensured.

  • development of cable sets – CAD drafting production
  • cut of wires, marking as well as crimp connections on modern manufacturing plants
  • flexible, fast production – high process safety
  • production of small series for external companies
  • quality assurance
  • optical fibre attenuation test according to EN 50173
  • copper crimping force monitoring
  • electric test

We also offer the small series production of cable sets for companies. If your company needs special productions just get in touch with us.
Request serial production