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Tuneful engine and exhaust sound for almost every car

The Sound Booster Pro by KUFATEC simulates a large-volume engine (V6/V8 depending on configuration). Diesel, gasoline or electric car – tuneful exhaust sound is possible on almost every car!

The condition for a Sound Booster is a engine CAN BUS system. The external sound generator can be installed at the vehicle underbody or in the interior (spare wheel recess).

The company-made free software provides countless possibilities to create or adapt own sound profiles. Apart from that the standard sound profiles are at your disposal. With the remote control, the push button or a special control integrated in the vehicle the Active Sound System can be also switched off at any time.

You find further informations on the Sound Booster Pro website:

Sound Booster Pro website

Control unit Sound Booster KUFATEC module

Does the KUFATEC Active Sound System fit in your car?

The finder, which was developed especially for the Sound Booster Pro, selects the right Sound Booster kit for your vehicle in only three short steps. Type in the vehicle data, select the kit, install or let install.

Find suitable Active Sound System