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Digital car radio with
DAB/DAB+ tuner

Digital car radio with more options and informations in clear sound quality without any static. With DAB digital stations you don't have to memorise a frequency anymore.

In contrast to the analog VHF-transmission, DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a new technology for the digital transmission of radio signals via a network of terrestrial transmitters. You get a DAB as well as DAB+ codec with the FISTUNE, that is to say also older DAB stations can be received.

Our FISTUNE is fully integrated into your vehicle and thus integrates seamlessly into the system. You operate the FISTUNE respective with your radio or operating element such as iDrive on BMW or the MMI on Audi.

What's the difference between DAB+ and DAB?

DAB+ is a further development of the DAB standard, so takes all functions of DAB over, but offers additional advantages. The technical difference lies in the used audio coding, that is to say the two standards utilise different procedures for the processing of the data before and after the transmission. While DAB works with MPEG-1 Layer-2, DAB+ utilises MPEG-4 HE-AAC v2, the currently most efficient audio compression world wide.