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The uncomplicated hands-free equipment for your car

The FISCON hands-free kit integrates all functions for comfortable operation of the mobile phone completely into the vehicle electronics. Display call lists directly in the navigation system or in the multifunction display (MFD) and use the functions and keys of your vehicle for dialling.

You get the most comprehensive operating options due to the complete integration into the infotainment system. The support of over 1500 mobile phones and A2DP audio streaming offers you more functionality than the standard hands-free devices.

The KUFATEC Bluetooth hands-free equipment is available in different versions. Suitable for almost all Bluetooth mobile phones that are obtainable in the market place. The range of functions depends always on the mobile phone. An uncomplicated installation of the hands-free equipment is given due to our cable assembly accurate to measurement.

FISCON Bluetooth integration versions: LOW BASIC BASIC PLUS and PRO

Functions of the FISCON

  • integration in the infotainment system of the vehicle
  • recognition of the national language
  • voice output via the loudspeakers of the vehicle - installation of additional loudspeakers not necessary
  • A2DP audio streaming (in mono)
  • SMS function (if supported by the phone)
  • OEM-control via: multi-function steering wheel, MFA rocker switch or multi-functional display
  • software updates possible without restrictions
  • interface RESET - interface can be reset to factory setting
  • muting
  • volume control for: A2DP, interlocutor, ring tone
  • microphone amplification
  • FISCON diagnostic function
  • icon display
  • E-MFA add-on
  • best voice quality (also at a high rate)