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That's how easy it is to code
after a retrofit

With this coding interface you save time, money and nerves. Our full coding dongle is another advantage of the KUFATEC solutions.

Control units must be coded depending on installed components since the MQB / MLB platform. The KUFATEC full coding dongle completely analyzes the existing components and codes the vehicle according to the dependencies – completely autonomously within a few seconds.

In addition, the codings can be easily performed again using the dongle after another visit of the workshop. And that's without having to check what has been retrofitted and where the installation instructions are.

What's unique about the Full Coding Dongle?


Even if you have no coding expertise, you can effortlessly import the required encodings. An LED light indicates whether the coding has been carried out successfully in the vehicle or.

Time saving

An experienced diagnostician would need at least 5 minutes for the same job or 30 – 60 minutes for more complex dependencies to manually code the vehicle.

Money saving

Since you only have one time costs for the Coding Dongle, you save more on re-encodings. For example, after a workshop visit where an SVM calibration was performed and the codings were reseted, simply plug the dongle back into the OBD interface – and you're done! You can always use the coding dongle again.


Especially in today's fast moving automotive industry, the ability to update is an important criterion. The full coding dongle has an USB interface, which makes it possible to get updates on the dongle. It's even faster and easier with our free Dongle Tool.

» go to our Dongle Tool

The dongle can not delete default memory entries or change the basic setting of control units (eg headlight, camera, tailgate).

The basic settings of the control parts are described in the respective installation instruction. This only has to be adjusted once after the control unit has been commissioned and will not be reseted during the possible SVM adjustment.