Automatically closing and opening
of the convertible top

Cabrio Pro Modul

The Cabrio Pro comfort modules from KUFATEC enable the automatic opening or closing of the convertible top with your car radio remote control as well as the one-touch of the convertible top switch in the interior.

And even while driving - depending on the car model even up to 60 km/h! This comfort pays off especially when it suddenly starts to rain or you want to use the time at a red traffic light to open or close the convertible top but this was not enough to complete the process completely.

Functions of the Cabrio Pro modules:

  • Automatic opening or closing operation with standard radio remote control
  • One-time operation of the interior button - holding is no longer necessary
  • Optional functions like activation & deactivation of the module
  • Convertible top operation while driving up to 60 km/h depending on the car model
  • If the stored speed is exceeded, the opening or closing process is interrupted briefly
  • Return below the saved speed within 10 seconds - the process continues
  • No interruption by starting or stopping the engine
  • All-time safety due to the possibility of manual interruption of the process
  • Signaling of the opening or closing process with warning lights (also deactivatable)
  • Module can be updated
  • Invisible installation, can be removed without residue, temporarily deactivation possible
  • Residual current below 0.03 mA (< 0.36 watt at 12 V voltage)
  • E-certification

Current special:

We are currently looking for test vehicles to install our Cabrio Pro modules. For more information about this offer and the possibility to ask for installation appointments, please visit the Cabrio Pro website!

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