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The history of the company

With the establishment of our company in Bad Segeberg in 2003, the foundation was laid for a remarkable success story.

Before the establishment, the business had been a hobby. The so-called xenon adapters were one of the first products by KUFATEC; they are still in demand this very day. Mister Richter assembled the cables, Mister Heinzelmann took charge of the sale and the transaction on ebay.

After a short time, it already turned out that the private apartments weren't suitable as warehouse and place of production. In search of convenient rooms the basement at the present location in Bad Segeberg lent itself – KUFATEC was established.

Thenceforward, Mister Richter was responsible for the development of cables, and new employees came along to assist him. Mister Heinzelmann built the first internal structures during this time and took care that the dealer network was enlarged.

Parallel to this, Mister Ghassemi Nejad developed, during his studies in information technologie, a control unit for the integration of additional informations into his Golf 4 – the E-MFA of the first generation.
With this project Mister Ghassemi Nejad got into the company as third partner and managing director and broadened the core competencies by the sector of the development of hardware and software.

In 2007, the area of the company increased as a result of the annex as well as rent and modification of the existing storage areas at the location. At the same time, the complete EDP was adapted to the increased requirements by the changeover to SAP.

Thenceforward, the internal structures were always developed further as well as new business areas were opened up. With the introduction of the ISO-9001 in 2014 they were converted into processses, which are subjected to a permanent control as well as optimisations.

From that time on, the manufacturer KUFATEC has grown up to a company that operates all over the world.

TV integration – DVB-T television, audio and video files in the car

DAB/DAB+ tuner for digital radio with low noise symmetric signals

Sound Booster
Active Sound for V6 or V8 exhaust sound with a touch of a button

Integrated bluetooth hands free kit with best voice quality

Cabrio Pro
Easy automated opening & closing of the convertible top


Founded by Christoph Heinzelmann & Enrico Richter
Launch of the Online Shop
Growth of the management of the company by Nima Ghassemi Nejad
Multimedia interface (DVD, rear view camera)
FISCON – hands free equipment
FISCUBE – DVBT-T1 receiver
FISTUNE – DAB/DAB+ receiver
Sound Booster – Active Sound
ISO 9001:2011 certified
Launch of the website
Launch of the website
Relaunch of the Online Shop and domain change to

KUFATEC develops own products like the FISCON bluetooth hands-free equipment, which was launched in 2008, the FISCUBE for TV in the car, FISTUNE for digital car radio, the Sound Booster Pro for increased exhaust sound and the Cabrio Pro modules for simplified automated opening and closing of the convertible top.