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Dispatch & Logistics –
automation for fast shipping

Rapid handling due to automation and our special software.

In order that our products, which we offer internationally in our online shop, come to our customers as quickly as possible we use a largely automated dispatch system. Once an order is triggered in the online shop, the data are saved in our enterprise resource planning system (SAP). This has a connection to our bank account as well as PayPal account and release the order for the dispatch in the instant, in which it is paid.

Then our warehouse staff receive the picking order on their mobile data capturing devices, which are connected with the SAP via an API by a software that was developed specially for this purpose. Because they are guided by the software during the collection of the goods, the walking time is reduced to the minimum – so that the parcel can be sent off within the shortest possible time.

If the shipping address is located outside of the EU, our connection to the ATLAS system guarantees an automatic customs clearing. We dispatch our goods with DHL and FedEx.

Possibilities of dispatch

  • DHL parcel
  • dispatch to a DHL collection station
  • Express MO-FR till 12 o'clock
  • Express MO-FR till 9 o'clock
  • delivery on Saturday till 12 o'clock
  • FedEx Priority Overnight

Advices for quickest dispatch:

  • Pay via PayPal or SOFORT credit transfer. By these payment methods we get the confirmation of the payment receipt immediately and the goods are sent directly.
  • When doing the credit transfer, quote the information that are requested in the e-mail which you receive after your order. If an automatic assignment of the payment isn't possible due to missing informations, this causes delays.

Warehousing and manufacturing

We have plenty of products in our stock for immediate dispatch. If an article has to be manufactured, we only need few days from the production to the shipment..

You can find the information, when you can expect the dispatch of the goods you desire, at any time up-to-date on the respective page of the article in our online shop.

List of shipping charges